Report of Alumni Association


The concept of alumni association evolved for needs from both the ends, i.e. academicians and professionals, in the aim of building a bridge between college life and career life, so that the fresher graduates are made proactive to face the current challenges of competitive professional world. Both the ends shall work hand in hand to help each other for achieving the goal. The idea took shape and formation of Alumni Association turned into reality.

The Alumni Association of Govt. College of Arts, Sci. and Com. Khandola was formed on the auspicious Republic day of 26th January 2014, named as “GOVERNMENT COLLEGE KHANDOLA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION” in the presence of Dr. Seema Rath, Principal (Offg.), Prof. Anita Raikar, Coordinator of the Alumni Committee, Dr. Seema Salgaonkar, Prof. Asha Gahloth and other faculty members Dr. S.V. Sukhtankar, Dr. DilectaDcosta and many enthusiastic former students of the college.

The welcome speech for the occasion was given by the Offg. Principal Dr. Seema Rath followed by Prof. Anita Raikar, Prof. Seema Salgaonkar, and Prof. Asha Gahloth. Dr. S.V. Sukthankar, Dr. DilectaD’Costa and many other teachers were also present for the occasion. Many of the enthusiastic ex- students were present for the formation of the Alumni meet. During the meet it was decided form the Alumni Association. Dr. Seema Salgaonkar carried out the formalities of election for the formation of Alumni Association. The Representatives from Ex- students were elected unopposed for the various posts of Executive committee by the ex- students present.

“GOVERNMENT COLLEGE KHANDOLA ALUMNI ASSOCIATION” was constituted on 26th January 2014. The elected committee members were felicitated by Offg. Principal Dr. Seema Rath and extended best complements for the purpose.


  • To re-unite in the nest from where we grew and flew off.
  • To build a bridge between college life and career life, so as introduce present students to the professional world and to make them proactive to face the challenges that may emerge in their career path.
  • To provide job opportunities to fresh bachelors through references of professionals.
  • To conduct orientation and training programs to students on various topics to enhance their skills.
  • To create awareness among students about the scope of their subject in the professional world.
  • To provide a platform for students to develop their qualities.
  • To participate in social welfare activities for social accountability.


  • Conducting periodic meetings of the committee to chalk out plan of action.
  • Conducting training sessions on industry practices and professional approach by industry professionals.
  • Conducting personality development trainings, interview answering skills and confidence building programs.
  • Interacting with unemployed ex- students to find probability of employment with reference of professionals.
  • Conducting social welfare activities such as blood donation, health awareness programs, tree plantation, cleanliness drive etc.
  • Re-unions of ex- students.
  • Felicitation of achievers.

Activities conducted by Alumni Association since its formation


Govt. college khandola and Alumni association, collectively conducted “One Day Job Fair ” in the college premises on 15/03/14.
Various software and pharmaceutical industries from Goa were invited to put up there desk for an open interview with the students and ex-students of the college. Some of the companies who showed interest were, ICICI bank, HDFC bank, Open Destinations Infotech, United Capsules etc. some companies who could not unfortunately be a part of this job fair requested students to email them their Resume. The Job Fair program was a small but great initiative to promote our college bachelors into the industry.

Since the date of formation, Alumni association has provided jobs for about 16 college students in various industries in Goa. This in itself is a remarkable beginning. The numbers will multiply in due course of time.


Meeting of Alumni association members was called on 23/03/14 Sunday, to discuss on various topics listed in the agenda. Following members were present for the meeting:

Mr. Samir Gawas, Ms. Niveda Korgaonkar, Mr. Swapnil Kamat, Mr. Onkar Sahasrabuddhe, Ms. Pooja Kavlekar, Ms. Ketaki Gawas, and Ms. Stacy Saldanha. Meeting started with congratulating Ms. Pooja for seeking job as microbiologist in pharma industry with efforts of the association. Also appreciated efforts taken by Mr. Swapnil Kamat for job fair held on 15/03/14 in the college.Group discussions was conducted amongst present crowd to discuss about steps to be taken by alumni association to achieve its vision and suggestions were invited for better functioning system of the association.


In order to enrol more number of students in Govt. College of Arts, Science, and commerce,khandola; Alumni Association conducted Pamphlet Distribution Programin all nearby higher secondary’s from where probability of students coming for admissions in the college is maximum. Nearly one thousand pamphlets were distributed amongst the passed out HSSCE students.

The basic idea behind the Pamphlet Distribution is that, all HSSCE passed students seek for admission in various fields of interest. But sometimes due to lack of awareness and guidance, some of the courses remain untold to them. By conducting this drive, it will be easier to promote the courses and facilities provided by our college to the passed out students, so that they get correct options to choose for their career.

First Pamphlet distribution drive was conducted in April 2014,Second drive was conducted in April 2016 by Alumni Association members. A remarkable increase in the number of students pursuing degree courses, especially Computer Science, Chemistry and Microbiology was noted in the academic year 2015 and 2016. As the result, GCASCK is now widely known college in the neighbouring towns. The campaign was solely managed by Dynamic Alumni Association team.

Some of the higher secondary Schools visited are as under,

  1. Govt. Higher Secondary School, Valpoi – Sattari.
  2. Govt. Higher Secondary School, Sanquelim–Bicholim.
  3. Govt. Higher Secondary School, Khandola – Marcela.
  4. SidhartBandodkar Higher Secondary School, Velguem- Bicholim.
  5. Dr. T.B. Cunha Higher Secondary School, Campal- Panjim.
  6. ShreeShantadurga Higher Secondary School, Bicholim.
  7. Father Agnel Higher Secondary School, Pilar- Goa.
  8. Shree Damodar Higher Secondary School of Science, Comba-Margao.
  9. Shiroda Higher Secondary School of Arts, Com., Sci. and Vocational studies, Shiroda.
  10. Shree AmeyaVidyaprasarakMandals Higher Secondary School, Curti-Ponda.
  11. Shree Bhumika Higher Secondary School, Paryem-Sattari.
  12. S.E.S. Higher Secondary School, Usgao-Ponda.
  13. Shree Kamakshi Ed. Scty’s Higher Secondary School, Curti-Ponda.
  14. Vividha Higher Secondary School,Navelim- Sanquelim.
  15. NavodayaVidyalaya, Valpoi – sattari.
  16. Multipurpose higher secondary school, Borda Margoa


The first Alumni Day celebration was held in College on 11 Jan. 2015 in the eve of completion of 25th year for the college. The main aim of Alumni Day celebration was to unite maximum number of ex-students and register them in the Alumni family. The program was held in presence of Chief guest Ex- Principal, Dr. John B. Fernandes, Guest of Honour Mr. Surve, founder of Statig Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Ex- senior staff of college Mr. RamdasBhagat etc. OfficiatingPrincipal of the college Dr. Seema Rath, faculty staff, students and ex- students of college were present for the celebration. Dr. Seema Rath welcomed the gathering with her inspiring words. All the delegates were honored with a memento and flowers as a token of love.

Prize distribution ceremony for winners of jubilations was held in the hands of chief guests. Various entertainment events were performed by ex- students on the entire day. The environment in the college was joyful and refreshing, with tasty lunch served for all students. Significant number of ex- students registered themselves in the Alumni Family on the day. Dr. DilectaD’Costa presented the vote of thanks to all gathered members. The dynamic and enthusiastic Alumni Association team worked hard day and night to make this event a fabulous success. The event was solely managed by Dynamic Alumni Association team.


On the call of country wide SwachataAbhiyan campaign, Alumni Association team took an initiative to carry forward the noble cause. Alumni Association in association with GCASCK, conducted SwachataAbhiyan program in Khandola- Marcela area on 25th Jan. 2015. The drive was inaugurated by officiating principal of college Dr. Seema Rath, who appreciated the efforts and initiative taken by association, for society consciousness. Secretory of association Mr. Swapnil Kamat expressed his views and motivated the team to take up the task.

The main motive of this cleanliness drive was to create awareness in society about need for cleanliness. Alumni Association donated dust bins to be placed in the public places of Khandola and Marcela. Road starting from college till Marcela market was made plastic and paper free by the alumni team. Alumni Association was praised by college and society for the good social work. The event was solely managed by Dynamic Alumni Association team.


As a token of appreciation, Alumni Association sponsors cash prizes to the successful graduate students of the college, who achieve first place in respective disciplines in the academic year. The prizes are sponsored in order to appreciate the hard work done by students for the entire course and to give motivation to the upcoming graduate students. The prizes are as under:

  1. Student securing first place in Science
  2. Student securing first place in Commerce
  3. Student securing first place in Arts
  4. Special prize for Student securing first place in Microbiology.
  5. The prizes are distributed on the college annual day celebration.


Our environment is a priceless gift of God and taking care of it is a prime duty of human being. Following huge deforestation and industrialization, there is an intense need to replenish the greener loss. Keeping this noble cause in mind, Alumni association put a step ahead and organized large scale tree plantation campaign in Khandola, Marcela and Betkim area on 26th July 2015.

The program was conducted in presence of Honourable MLA and factory and boiler minister of Goa, Shree Deepak Dhavalikar as chief guest along with Dr. Dessai, Fruit Scientist in ICAR old Goa a the guest of hounour. Big number of civilians, students and faculty staff of college along with media correspondents, were present for the event. Principal of the college and HOD of Chemistry department Dr. Jivexa Bhattacharjee welcomed the crowed. Formal inauguration of program was carried out by delegates. All delegated were honored with a memento and flowers as a token of love. The Chief guest was delighted with the efforts made by alumni association team, and promised for every support in future. Dr. Dessai shared information about tree plantation science. Former President of Alumni association shared his visionary views on the dais. Poster competition was held for the college students under the topic ‘Save Environment’. Lot of creative ideas was displayed by the students in the form of posters. Winners of the completion were awarded prizes.

The basic target was to plant more than one thousand trees in the environment. The entire Alumni Association team, without fearing rain and wind, worked day and night to take up the task. Moreover, prior to plantation program, a survey was conducted by Alumni Association team in nearby villages, like Kumbharjua, St. Esteva, Devlai, Khandola, Tonka, Marcela etc. asking information about which plants people will like to grow in their gardens. Alumni association members went door to door for doing this survey. Medicinal, fruiting and flowering plants were distributed in the entire locality to their doors steps completely free of cost.

Furthermore, fruiting trees were planted in forest of nearby villages so that constantly depleting wild life will get natural source of food in the form of fruits and flowers. With god’s grace the trees are blooming and soon will be a source of food for the wild life. Aah! What a great ideology.The event was solely managed by Dynamic Alumni Association team.


Following the completion of tenure period of first Alumni Association core committee, reelection for the same was conducted on fresh committee. The Co-ordinator of the Alumni Association, Prof. P.V. Chodankar, welcomed the ex-students for the Re Election meeting. Prof. P.V. Chodankar, Presiding Officer of the election procedure read the names of the members retiring on completion of tenure of core committee of the Alumni Association of this College. Thereafter the procedure for fresh election for the term of two years was initiated as follows:

  1. The nomination of Mr. Swapnil Kamat for the post of President
    Proposed by : Pooja Kavlekar
    Seconded by: Akhilesh Kalangutkar
    Elected unanimously.
  2. The nomination of Mr. Vishnudas Shet for the post of vice-President
    Proposed by :Devendra Pagi
    Seconded by: Anjoor Kamat
    Elected unanimously.
  3. The nomination of Mr. Akhelesh Kalangutkar for the post of Secretary
    Proposed by :Shubhada Kinjavdekar Seconded by: Ashish Bhutki
    Elected unanimously.
  4. The nomination of Mr. Ashish Bhutki for the post of Jt. Secretary
    Proposed by : Swapnil Kamat
    Seconded by: Sham Prabhu
    Elected unanimously.
  5. The nomination of Miss. ShubhadaKinjavdekar for the post of Treasurer
    Proposed by :Karishma Tendulkar
    Seconded by: Sham Prabhu
    Elected unanimously.
  6. Following six members were also elected for the post of Executive members:
    Sham Prabhu, Pooja Kavlekar, Vishal Kinjavdekar, Karishma Tendulkar, GaureshBhandare, DevandraPagi

On completion of the election procedure, the result was loudly read by the Presiding Officer, Prof. P.V. Chodankar.


Today’s students are the future of brighter India. Every graduate coming out of GCASCK shall be a dynamic, knowledgeable and responsible citizen. Also, he shall stand successful in the professional world. Keeping this intention in mind, Alumni Association organized a one day session on Personality Development and Career Guidance, in college on 15th May 2016. The basic idea behind this program was to develop quality in the body language of students, provoke their maturity level and guide them for a right career option.

The session was conducted by well known career guidance speaker and chief guest of function Mr. Naguesh Sardessai. Professor in physics, Mr. Prashant Chodankar, welcomed the gathered guest and students. Ex- President of association Mr. Samir Gawas hosted the program. Mr. Namdev Naik, faculty in Shree Kamaxi higher secondary school, was guest of honour for the program. He spoke about using the knowledge practically, rather than using it only for the marks. Mr. NagueshSardessai delivered a mind blowing session on the subject and guided the students for future career. Question answer session was conducted to clarify doubts on competitive exams and career opportunities.Certificate for the completion of session were distributed to all the participants. Secretory of association Mr. AkhileshKalangutkar presented vote of thanks to the participants and guests.


  1. Blood Donation Camp,
  2. Free Medical and eye test camp,
  3. Training sessions for fresher graduates to introduce them to industry sector,
  4. Social awareness programs to prevent increasing Suicides, drugs and Alcohol.

The Alumni association is moving ahead, with selfless intentions for the growth and development of college students and society around. The association will continuously work towards its vision for a better tomorrow…..