Indecisive and reckless but blessed with a pool of possibilities, a college trip is just like a giant leap from regular college schedules to the brand new world of wisdom thereafter. It’s the perfect time to grab opportunities and metabolise a multitude of memorable stories. So, this very first time the Department of Computer Science of Govt. College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Khandola had happen to go to an amazing trip to Hyderabad. The idea behind this tour was all of us together head towards a destination that would enrich us with great knowledge and cheerful memories.

The journey began on 22nd November with a super enthusiastic group of 16 people heading towards Hyderabad from Margao Railway Station and then the train journey began wherein we enjoyed being engaged in various fun activities. Finally, we reached Kacheguda early in the morning.

Day 1 commenced with lots of excitement and eagerness to explore places. So, the first place we visited was Nehru Zoological Park. The zoo runs multiple safari trips through safari areas where various animals housed. The next destination was NTR which presents a soothing atmosphere and refreshing setting to spend some time. The last destination of the day was Lumbini Park. This park comprises of a spectacular water multimedia show. Adjacent to Lumbini park is Hussain Sagar which has a monolithic statue of Gautama Buddha erected at the middle of the lake. When we reached at this place via a boat ride the magnificent structure of Buddha highlighted by colourful lightings left us mesmerised.

When you are in Hyderabad, one cannot miss out the fun at this very majestic place known to be as Ramoji Filmcity. This studio is a central hub for various film units shooting. The creativity level here was magnanimous enough to boom our minds. The level of amazement got its peak when we happened to see the fabulous Bahubali set. Each edifice in the set built is adorable.

Day 3 began with the visit to Birla Mandir. Within the temple is a granite idol of presiding deity Lord Venkateswara and the atmosphere is aesthetic. The tranquillity and warmth of devotion here made a good start of our day. Next place we discerned is Golconda Fort. This fort has an extraordinary history and an essence of royalty in every bit of its architecture. Later, we drove to Suddha Car Museum. This place has an exclusive collection of vintage cars and every car has its own significance.

Day 4 started off with a visit to a well-known incubation centre that is T-Hub. This incubation centre promotes establishment of various start-up companies by providing co-working spaces to the needful ones. Here, we got the privilege to meet two great people of T-Hub. One of them was Mr. Ravi Subramanian who is founder of T-Hub and also an IIM graduate and the other one was Mr. Pratik Dixit who also an IIM graduate and a successful start-up entrepreneur; who boosted us with exuberance to do better things in terms of technology. They also provided us with information most eye catching machine was the 3D printing machine which was printing finitely and with appropriate design and structure. We also had and interactive session with the IIIT where they gave us ideas about higher education. After lunch, we left for Charminar. Charminar is not only famous for its mosque, but it also well known for its market that is being setup every day.

On the last day we went to two places, one is Salar Jung Museum and the other is Snow World. At Salar Jung Museum, we got to see an excellent gathering of sculptures, paintings, textiles, furniture, carpets from Nepal, China, Japan and Egypt. Each artefact depicts the richness and the royalty that Salar Jung and his future descendants possessed. The next one we visited is Snow World. We enjoyed here hurling each other with snow. At last day 5 ended up with shopping of famous sweets of Hyderabad. Finally, it was a wrap and we departed from Hyderabad.

The ultimate satisfaction, contentment and enlightment made our tour achieve great success. This tour made us explore different shades of life with an awesomely dynamic group and relish ourselves with sweet memories.

A million feelings, a thousand thoughts, a hundred memories and an eminent tour!!